Feb 26, 2007

Once upon a time I tried to write...

Okay ! Why I created this blog?
To be honest I want to spend my time creatively :-) apart from books and movies, this seems a good thing to do... to write something...

but what?
For a few days I just have to type... because I wrote something back in 2001-2002... so I hope to update my blog atleast 4-5 times... If you understand Hindi then I promise you will like it ! After that I hope I will continue posting my random thoughts here !

The name Ojha-uwaach?
Well, I can't think of a better name... whenever I try to write something, first thing comes to my mind is Hindi/Sanskrit... and the many books in Sanskrit start with someone Uwaaching something...

धृतराष्ट्र उवाचः
धर्मक्षेत्रे कुरुक्षेत्रे समवेता युयुत्सवः ।
मामकाः पाण्डवाश्चैव किमकुर्वत सञ्जय ॥

(Dhritarashtra said: O Sanjaya, assembled at the holy-field and place of pilgrimage of Kurukshetra, raring to fight, what did my sons and the sons of Pandu do?)

Why ...(three dots)
I will keep adopting this trend of three fullstops (...) I like the way Phanishwar Nath Renu used it in his writings... (This helps when you don't get what to write next... just put three fullstops instead of one...)

BTW my name is Abhishek Ojha.


  1. .. Seldom.. It is possible to tell, this exception :)

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  3. I like the way Phanishwar Nath Renu used it in his writings...
    ohh n i hvnt noticed it bt unknowingly copying his style of writing...
    thanx for the info...:)